Simple Swedish Podcast #18 – Sleep

In this episode I’m talking about my own experience with sleep, including going to bed and getting up in the morning, and how I used to be a night person but nowadays have no problem getting up early

Simple Swedish Podcast #16 – My weekend in Nice

In this episode I’m talking about my weekend in Nice together with friends. I didn’t plan the episode at all so it’s just me talking to you about my trip as if I was talking to a friend. A friend with whom I have to speak slowly, of course:)

Easy Article: Grammar: Conditional

In this made-up story I have included lots of practice with the word ‘skulle’, which is used in the conditional tense in Swedish. There is also a word list and audio!

Simple Swedish Podcast #10 – Story of my life

in this episode I’m sharing a summary of my life, and hopefully it can help you to tell people stories from your life too. I very briefly go through my childhood, my school years and how I lived in various countries, up until the present day.