Simple Swedish Podcast #18 – Sleep

In this episode I’m talking about my own experience with sleep, including going to bed and getting up in the morning, and how I used to be a night person but nowadays have no problem getting up early. Don’t forget to download the free transcript and word list here below:)

Bonus tips:

2 thoughts on “Simple Swedish Podcast #18 – Sleep”

  1. Hej! ‘att släcka’ and ‘att stänga av’ mean the same and you can use them interchangeably?

    1. The verb “släcka” means “extinguish” or to “put out a light or a fire”, and you can for example say “släck elden” – “put out the fire”. You also use it for lights and candles, and that’s why you can say “släck ljusen” – “turn off the lights”. The verb “stänga av” means to “turn off”, and you can use it with any kind of device or engine – “jag stängde av TVn”, “stäng av mobilen!”, “han stängde av motorn”.

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