Simple Swedish Podcast #5 – Guest: Soraya

In this episode I’m talking to my friend Soraya who moved from Sweden to Budapest six years ago. As usual I don’t use any script and we ended up having an interesting conversation about life in Budapest compared to Sweden, culture, people, making friends, perspectives on life and other things. Free transcript and word list in the PDF below together with a bonus – an explanation of some common Swedish filler words! And here’s a link to Soraya’s song on Spotify:)

You can also find the podcast on iTunes and Spotify, as well as the PodBean app! And here I will share how to use this podcast efficiently in your Swedish studies:

Bonus tips:

7 thoughts on “Simple Swedish Podcast #5 – Guest: Soraya”

  1. First time listening to the podcast and I’m loving it! It hits the sweet spot between being understandable—thanks to your speaking not too fast, as well as using simpler vocabulary—and going over relevant, interesting and relatable topics. And the reading material/transcript turns makes it a gem for any language learner. Appreciate this so much and hope there are many more episodes to come after this one! 🙂

    I tried finding the podcast in my Pocket Casts app, but couldn’t. Think something could be done about that?

    1. Hey Davor, thank you for your comment! It makes me happy that people find it good and useful. Sorry for the delay in replying. I think maybe the only app it’s available in is the PodBean app, but you can find the RSS feed and put in manually into your app, at least that’s what I did in my BeyondPod app. But it’s also available on Spotify and iTunes:)

  2. I have to admit, this one was for me very hard to understand. Even when I translated unknown words, I still couldn’t quite figure out what was tried to be said, at least during the whole part where you talk about meeting people in Hungary. But I guess that’s what anyone learning a foreign language has to get used to. Everyday way of talking where people try to figure in the middle of talking what they want to say.

    Do you have maybe some episode in which you talk about that? If not, couldn’t be a bad idea to talk how Swedes formulate sentences in the middle of talking and explaining it little bit.

    Thanks again for making this. Greetings

  3. Jag tycker mycket om din pod. Jag har lärt mig Svenska sedan mars. Jag tar sfi kurs c nu. Mitt tala språk är väldigt problematiskt (ingen tid att tänker och ’spit’ orden ?) men kampen förtsättar. Din pod är perfekt för min nivå! Jag kan förstå mycket och dina ordlistor… mind blowing!
    Bra jobb och hälsningar från Halmstad!

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