Hi! My name is Fredrik and this is my project, The Swedish Linguist. I have a passion for languages, I’ve been studying and learning them as a hobby for the past ten years, and I also love helping others to learn.

I create YouTube videos, articles and a podcast for anyone learning Swedish, and I especially try to fill the gap between beginner and advanced level content.

About me

I grew up in Sweden close to the city of Gothenburg, but back
in 2014 I moved out in the world and have since then lived in
a number of different countries. Languages is my big passion in life, and I speak Swedish, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hungarian and Czech.

Latest videos

Latest posts

SSP #70 - Film
I det här avsnittet pratar jag om film!
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SSP #69 - Napoleon, kungar och det sista kriget
Hej! För det här avsnittet har jag gjort lite mer research än vanligtvis, och det handlar om en spännande...
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SSP #68 - Året 2020
I det här avsnittet pratar jag om positiva aspekter av året 2020!
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