About me

My name is Fredrik and I grew up in a small town close to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Since finishing high school I have spent a lot of time exploring the world and learning languages.
I have lived in Australia, Spain, Turkey, and Hungary, and I have a conversational level in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hungarian and Czech.

The more I studied languages, the more I realised how bad traditional methods for language learning actually are. Heavy focus on grammar and formal language with lots of texts and explanations.

By trying out different things over the years and talking to lots of people, I discovered many methods and styles that were much more efficient!

At the same time I realised that a lot of people struggle with learning Swedish, my mother tongue. Many challenges are different than in other languages, and there were not many resources for intermediate learners.

I decided to try and help Swedish learners.

I started the Simple Swedish Podcast, my YouTube channel,
and I started teaching Swedish online using only my own materials and methods.

I really enjoy these activities, and I keep finding out about new ways
I can help people with their Swedish studies. That’s what this website is dedicated to!