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What I like about the course: it stimulates your responsibility to follow through, and to find yourself a setting which makes it fun to learn. The aim is that you learn yourself a new habit, and that you will be able to continue with Swedish even if the course is finished. The audio samples are very clear to understand, it is a pleasure to listen through.

Also, the course helps you to focus. I like the advice to study vocabulary which is most likely useful, and keep it at a manageable quantity per day, such as 5 new words a day (it can be different for each individual person). I also enjoy the mix of serious subject and playful approach, it doesn’t feel like you are guided by a strict head teacher, but by a young spirit who enjoys learning.

If you are looking to improve your skills in spoken Swedish, this course is only partially useful as you listen a lot (= input), read a lot (=input), and you can answer some questions in writing (=output). There is no classroom to talk to people, other than a discord channel where you can chat with people in writing (which is fun to do but there is mainly only  interaction with Fredrik himself).

I strongly recommend the course to people who want to advance from beginner level to medium level, as it gives you lots of vocabulary and useful explanation about the language and habits in Sweden.

Have fun!

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