Simple Swedish Podcast #10 – Story of my life

In this episode I’m sharing a summary of my entire life, and hopefully this can help you to tell people stories from your life too. I very briefly go through my childhood, my school years and how I lived in various countries in my adult life, up until the present moment. Don’t forget to download the transcript here below 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Simple Swedish Podcast #10 – Story of my life”

  1. Thank you for making this podcast!
    I started learning Swedish a few weeks ago at uni. I actually find it easier to understand your podcast compared to the listening examples in class because you pronounce everything so nice and clearly (and slow!). The transcript also helps a lot!
    So yeah keep it up!

  2. Hej! Love your podcasts, they’re really helpful! One question though: is there a reason why your early episodes are disappearing from Spotify? They’re only available from #9 at the moment but there are no #1 to #8. Number 8 was actually on a couple of days ago but it’s gone now too.

    1. Hi! I’ve been wondering this myself! Now since you asked me here I took my time to find out why and I apparently there was a limit in my settings set to 20. I have now changed that so I hope all episodes will accessible asap. Kul att du gillar min podd!

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