Simple Swedish Podcast #10 – Story of my life

In this episode I’m sharing a summary of my entire life, and hopefully this can help you to tell people stories from your life too. I very briefly go through my childhood, my school years and how I lived in various countries in my adult life, up until the present moment. Don’t forget to download the transcript here below 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Simple Swedish Podcast #10 – Story of my life”

  1. Thank you for making this podcast!
    I started learning Swedish a few weeks ago at uni. I actually find it easier to understand your podcast compared to the listening examples in class because you pronounce everything so nice and clearly (and slow!). The transcript also helps a lot!
    So yeah keep it up!

  2. Hej! Love your podcasts, they’re really helpful! One question though: is there a reason why your early episodes are disappearing from Spotify? They’re only available from #9 at the moment but there are no #1 to #8. Number 8 was actually on a couple of days ago but it’s gone now too.

    1. Hi! I’ve been wondering this myself! Now since you asked me here I took my time to find out why and I apparently there was a limit in my settings set to 20. I have now changed that so I hope all episodes will accessible asap. Kul att du gillar min podd!

  3. Hi! Just today I’ve discovered for myself your podcasts. They happened to be exactly of that speed and complexity that suit my level of Swedish. Frankly speaking I have been struggling with Swedish for many many years already until I found the right method for me – listening for podcasts on one hand and repeating phrases out loud on the other hand. I do appreciate your tips regarding learning languages and the content you are sharing. I hope soon I would achieve the level that allows me to take the course you are providing.

    1. Hi Viktor! I’m very happy to hear that you find the podcast useful! I started making it because I realised that this type of resource was one of my favourites when I myself was learning languages. It’s always great to hear when others think the same! I think it’s the best way to practice spoken language, and to make sure you learn natural and not textbook style language.

      Lycka till med studierna!

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